All About me~ I have always been a wild child, ever since I can remember I was running around naked. I love thinking back to when I first started fucking around with guys. I was an early bloomer, I developed into anaughty wife tabitha in lingerie woman faster than anybody around me. I felt awkward at first about it, I mean here I was with breasts, hips, and an ass before I even got into high school! Needless to say, the boys started to flock towards me & the girls started getting jealous. It was a confusing time for me, but I learned quickly that it isn't so bad standing out like this.I started to love all of the attention, the rest is history. Once I got out of high school, I found myself without any money for college. I decided to work my "assets" so to speak, and applied at a strip club as a hostess. I got hired there and started making enough money to pay for my books, but that was about it. I was always struggling for that next check, it sucked ass! I decided that I wanted to make more money & I entered the amateur night strip contest. I thought I would be nervous, but once I got up there on that stage, I felt totally calm for some reason. I danced my ass off that night, and ended up winning the competition. Later that night I ran into a guy who owned his own adult production company. We got to talking and he asked if I would like to do a little adult modeling. Nothing too fancy, topless to full sex involved. I was like, "Heck ya! Let's do it!" The modeling was a blast! He ended up hiring me almost on a full time basis. I was making plenty of money for college at that time & even had money left over. Pretty soon he approached me about doing sex on camera, I think he thought I was a shy one or something. I was all for it! My first scene was incredible, I will never forget it....He fucked me like a wild animal and then came all over my face. I actually came during the scene and loved every minute of it. I knew from that point out that porn was my passion. I totally and completely love doing this, and I think you will find the proof by watching my free sample videos. I genuinely love having sex on camera & knew that having my own website was the PERFECT way to express myself. So, that is how I arrived here on my website: Dirty Talking I met my husband in the business about 4 years ago. He is a web designer and, we do everything on this site ourselves. This is not a corporate run website, it is just a down to earth couple that loves to share their sex life with the world. We decided to go with DirtyTalkingWife because as you will see, I LOVE to get nasty and to when I get horny, I start talking incredibly dirty. I mean filthy! I hold nothing back once I start to get excited. I love being with more than just one man at a whenever the opportunity comes up, I jump at it. The more the merrier, that is my motto. :) I grew up in New York, so I have a little bit of an accent. I am not shy in any sense of the word, I share everything here with you and hold nothing back. I think I have covered a lot here, so much for being mysterious, lol. I think life is short and that you only live once, why not explore your sexuality to the fullest, and hey, if someone wants to view my wild and crazy sex life- then so be it. It is all goood! I am going to ride this bitch until the wheels fall off, lol. I hope you come in and take a look at all of my sexy erotic pictures and movies. I can't wait to hear from you, I love getting feedback from my members about my naughty adult website. So, don't be shy sweetie. I don't bite, well....not unless you want me to. If you have any questions for me, I am waiting for ya inside. Hope you have a terrific day! Kisses and Licks! Tabitha

Below are my basic statistics, along with some sample pictures.

How Tall Am I? 5'6"
Weight? 118 lbs
Boob Size? 34D
Measurements:? 34-26-33
Hair? Blonde
Eyes? Blue
Milf? Yes, I am a total soccer mom by day, but at night I turn into a total whore. :)~ Tabitha
Turn on's? Sexy laugh, big cocks, & musicians
Turn Off's? Bad body odor
Fantasy Fuck? You baby!
Favorite Position? On Top, I love to ridem' cowboy!
Favorite Drink? Bloody Mary or Apple Martini- or better yet! A Cum Cocktail! lol

"I am a total soccer mom by day, but at night I turn into a dirty talking whore!" xoxo Tabitha

There is little I won't do on camera. I am looking forward to doing an interracial scene for the site. I LOVE being with black men! So, that will be coming very soon. Be sure to watch my homepage for all of my naughty website updates. I will be constantly updating as I go along. There are too many dirty moments to compact into one little preview area, that is for sure! Some people tell me that I look like a Mommy, and ordinarily I dress pretty conservatively. I mean I have to take part in every day mommy activities where I can't really wear something totally skanky. However, I usually go commando style and don't wear any panties under my business attire. I love knowing that I am just bare underneath, it is my naughty little secret. I have a pretty normal life during the day. I make lunches for my kids, I drive them all around- I do play dates and hang out with other mommies at the mall sometimes. Yes, it is a dual life that I am living, but like I said is short, right? Why deny myself freedom of sexual expression? If my site gets massive exposure and people start recognizing me in the grocery store and stuff like that, well....that means I am getting famous for something I TOTALLY love doing & it is a good thing. I have been spotted once or twice, and I found it very flattering. It was at the movie theatre the first time & the second time was when I was having some work done on my house. Both times, the guys were very polite and sweet. They didn't approach me in person about it, they waited until later and then sent me an email. lol. I got turned on by it and can't wait for somebody to recognize me in public again. It is a total rush!

If there is some type of naughty fantasy that you have, or would like to see portrayed in a video in some way, just let me know. I am totally open to suggestions and love hearing from my members. I perform live on a cam network called Amateur Camz inside. You will be able to view me live once inside of my members area. Not only will you have access to my naughty webcam shows, you will also be able to view hundreds of other naughty milfs performing LIVE from their homes. Well, not all of them are milfs, but you'll see your fair share of naughty moms, getting it on for the camera. A lot of the girls are established porn stars.....which I hope to be one day. I have done some porn movies on the side. You can find me doing some pretty naughty things, like I said before...."I am not shy! I will do just about anything sexual on film..."xxx Tabitha.

I hope you are enjoying reading my short bio here. I am a bit of a talker as you can tell, I love to share my thoughts and desires with you. I hope you enjoy my free preview area. I think I forgot to mention all of the bonus feeds you will have access to once inside. "Members of my site, stay members! They get all the porn they need in one shot!" I worked out a deal with some major porn companies and am able to offer you some of the finest, dirtiest, raunchiest porn you will find anywhere and it is all inside for free once you sign up. Yes, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of extras inside that will never let you feel bored or wanting for more. Since I also enjoy porn so much, I really wanted to bring you the best of the best. You will NOT be disappointed in my website. I work hard to bring you the finest erotic experience ever. So, get ready to cum baby! Instant Satisfaction is only a click away! Hope you join me soon. Kisses and Licks! Tabitha.

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